Sabina Kelley’s IG Tattoo Picks: Best Traditional Tattoos

We’re so happy to introduce Best Ink’s Sabina Kelley as our new regular contributor. She gave us some awesome tattoo tips previously, and now she’ll be picking out her fave tattoos from the world of Instagram, and lord are these impressive!


@Mimswah always does the cutest traditional girly tattoos. They are always so fun and unique. This pirate pin-up is placed well on the body and is the perfect size so doesn’t lose any details.


@lukewessman is one of my favorite traditional tattoo artists. This panther has great solid, bold, and clean lines. Plus lots of character.


@angeliquehoutkamp made this pin-up very classic with an adorable burlesque kitty outfit. Her color choices are perfect, and the face on the pin-up is so traditional and pretty.


This is a beautiful crisp and clean traditional ship tattoo. The color saturation is amazing and it is so sharp, it almost looks like a sticker!

@italianrooster has a very distinct style of his traditional tattoos. I can spot one of his tattoos with no problem. His style is very old school circus and antique looking, and it is so fun. The tattoo is very simple and pretty, with smooth lines. I love the added detail of the script of True Love on the face.


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