Sabina Kelley’s IG Tattoo Picks: Best Black & Grey Ink

We’re so happy to introduce Best Ink’s Sabina Kelley as our new regular contributor. She gave us some obvious tattoo tips previously, and now she’ll be picking out her fave tattoos from the world of Instagram, and lord are these impressive! If you want to see Sabina’s tattoos in person, you can catch her at The Stratosphere July 24-31 as she guest stars in the award-winning show PIN UP.


Every other week I will pick my 5 favorite tattoos from 5 different artist in various categories from Instagram. This week I have picked the best 5 black and grey tattoos I discovered.

1. Chuey Quintanar
Saint Christopher tattoo has beautiful smooth clean shading. @chueyquintanar


2. Teneile Napoli
Gorgeous girl with lace, pearls, and a birdy. Very feminine, soft, and textured tattoo. @Teneile_Napoli


3. Franco Vescovi
A very incredible, realistic portrait of Robert Duvall. @Franco_Vescovi


4. Macko Tattoo
Beautiful Pinup with great dark to light shading, and perfect placement on the body. @MackoTattoo


5. Cleo Wattenstrom
Perfect mandala with clean lines and great details. @CleoWattenstrom


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