Ryan Newman Talks Balancing Romance In The Workplace

To mix business and pleasure, or to not mix business and pleasure, that is the question. Our generation tends to blur the lines between the two frequently. We know it’s inappropriate to start an office romance, yet it seems that one way or another we always seem to fall for the guy in the cubicle next door.

But, what if you’re not working in such a traditional office environment? After meeting on set,  Ryan Newman and boyfriend Jack Griffo have worked on multiple projects together including Sharknado 3. We caught up with Ryan Newman to talk about balancing work time and playtime. Miley Cyrus, and Nastygal.


You worked with your real-life boyfriend for Sharknado 3, and have recently signed on to another project with him, can you give tips on how to maintain a successful relationship in and out of the workplace?

It’s actually not an easy task! Both of us have to really make an effort to separate our personal lives from our professional lives and forget that we know each other as well as we do when the cameras are on.

Have there been times when you blurred the lines between work time and playtime?

No, we have always been very professional and made a big effort to stay on task.

How did you two originally meet?

Jack actually guest starred on my show, See Dad Run, three years ago. We met on Monday and were officially dating by Saturday!

Do you think it’s beneficial to date someone who works in the same field as you?

Absolutely! It would really be hard to date someone who doesn’t understand my daily life.

When you and Jack are working on separate projects, what’s your secret to maintaining a long-distance relationship?

You cant put too much pressure on each other and you have to be very understanding and supportive.

If you’re not scared of sharks, what are you most afraid of?

Not accomplishing my goals in life.

In your youth you played the role of a young Miley on Hannah Montana, what are your thoughts on Miley these days?

Miley was so beyond sweet to me back when I knew her! I haven’t seen her in some time, but I’m sure she still has the same sweet heart.

What other artists have you been listening to?

I love Maroon 5 and Ed Sheeran!

What do you think is the hardest part of being a young woman in the acting industry?

Maintaining realistic ideas of beauty and body image. It is very easy to be very critical of yourself when you are in this industry, as everyone else is so critical of you.

Who’s your dream co-star?

Meryl Streep! What a legend!

We loved your Nastygal dress at the Teen’s Choice Awards, what are your other favorite brands?

I love Free People, Topshop, and everything at LF Stores!

Where should we look out for you next?

I will be on at least eight episodes of season 3 of The Thundermans, so you can see me there! I also shot an independent film that you will hopefully be able to see soon.

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