Ryan Monsod Shares Art Inspo and Reaction to Riri’s Support

We were lucky enough to chat with artist, Ryan Monsod.  His celebrity sketches have been drawing some attention from his muses themselves. The detail and personality within each image is completely mind-blowing. We decided we needed to ask him a few questions on his experience in the art world thus far. Check out his interview below:



How did it feel to see that Rihanna is a fan of your work?

Felt flattered because I’ve been a fan and been drawing her since forever. It’s amazing because it shows that she doesn’t take her supporters for granted by showing her appreciation.

What inspires you to draw?

Anything, really, but most of the time music–ninety percent of my portfolio is comprised of musicians/pop stars.

If you could sketch any celeb, who would it be and why?

Karl Lagerfeld. I don’t get him; it’s challenging for me to draw people I don’t particularly admire.

What are 5 tips for any beginner in making the perfect picture?

For artists focusing on realism, just draw what you see and the tiny details are usually the ones that make the composition close to perfect.

What female pop icon do you relate to the most?

I have two: Beyoncé, when it comes to being a perfectionist; Rihanna, for being adventurous and a risk-taker

What is next for you in 2015?

I’m probably still freelance illustrating until it starts to feel comfortable–meaning it’s time to get out of the comfort zone.

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