Russia Introduced “Tittygram” + Other Borderline Porn Ads


Sex sells. Whether you’re watching Kate Upton jiggle her way through a Super Bowl commercial or standing with a shirtless model in front of Abercrombie, it’s all about sex. While you can mock America’s ad culture for their blatant utilization of the human body in order to sell their beer/clothes/cars/etc, I think Russia has taken it one step further with their new “tittygram” concept:

Did they get inspired by rush boobs? Did they rip off the music from Dragon Tales? So many questions, and no answers because I don’t even speak Russian. I mean, the real question is can I start doing this for a little extra cash on the side… or would that be frowned upon?

If you thought that Russian ad was a bit odd, you clearly haven’t seen other Russian commercials, some of which could easily be confused for late night HBO if you catch my drift…

More questions: Is the airline only interested in male patrons? Do Russian advertisers think that by using children’s music we’ll forget that chicks are rubbing suds on their vaginas?

Is this even a real commercial? Or just a creepy dude with a camera that convinced this chick to rub herself around his ride? (I gotta admit that ass against the car move is a nice shot though)

I mean, can’t hate this one too much. Vodka is my comrade too… and I think we would all get a little delusional if we were stuck alone in the wilderness… right?


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