Run More, Better Sex

By Lynsee Hee Kyeong


Do you ever find yourself thinking of new ways to be a bad bitch?  Look no further – we found the solution to not only giving you the hottest body of your life, but also the best sex of your life.  The reasons why running is beneficial go on and on, but we may have just broken your cherry to the fact that it’s also linked to increasing potency in that California King sized bed of yours.  According to a research study in Hormones and Behavior, women with high levels of testosterone have more orgasms than those with lower levels. 

If it’s not obvious enough, running increases levels of stamina.  More stamina means longer sex sessions and less heavy breathing that leaves you feeling like a dying whale during a late night booty call.  Running, or exercising in general, reportedly makes us happier.  Let’s face it, happier people have more sex.  Without a doubt, feeling sexy is what makes up bomb sexual performance.  When you feel sexy, you will have more sex (but we’re not advising you to go have sex with any and everybody in sight).  It also gets the blood flowing, so going for a quick (or long) run can actually get you aroused quicker and more intensely than those who don’t.  BOOM!  We just changed your life. 

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