The Rumblers Don’t Care About Your Nice, Boring, Shitty Life

“It’s way too late to start a real life,” Greg raps on “Deserve It”, the first song released under the newly debuted moniker for the duo formerly known as Georgi Gang. Named for the sound of blaring police sirens, Rumblers are comprised of two best friends, Cyrus and Greg, who rap, produce, play their own instruments, manage all their accompanying visuals, and rep Lower Manhattan hard.

Backed by a beat that features stoned trap drums over a dreamy string sample, “Deserve It” depicts two young artists grappling with relatable feelings that twenty-somethings experience— “Spending all my time trying to be perfect, trying not to be nervous” —and some that exist only in their world, involving forays into subway tunnels and upper middle class kids who “go get it cracking”. It’s a lot of responsibility to carry the torch in a long line of great NYC rap duos, but Rumblers also aren’t your average rappers. “Deserve It” sounds like two friends figuring shit out together, and it plays out like an emotional rollercoaster. The lyrics oscillate from self-deprecating remarks acknowledging their fuck ups, to displays of confidence and bravado, all while constantly reminding themselves to ‘stay focused’.

The Rumblers name Guns N’ Roses, Gucci Mane, Drake and Fleetwood Mac as their influences, but it’s clear that they’re also heavily influenced by each other—that’s what makes it great. It’s too late for the Rumblers to start a real life, but that’s okay. They’ve got something better going on.

Follow Rumblers on Instagram and Twitter, and keep any eye out for their album, out December 2015.

                                             Photo courtesy of Alice Plati                                                   

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