Rubber Club, The Condom Delivery Service For Lazy Lovers

It seems that the more technology we have, the lazier we get. Lazy Sundays have become more accessible than ever. We can order movies, breakfast, and even hangover supplies with the click of our cell phones. However, what’s a lazy Sunday in bed with your boo if one of you has to run to the store for condoms? Especially now that it’s starting to get cold out side, it’s easy to kill the mood by having to lace up your snow boots and run to the corner store for magnums.

The solution may lie with Rubber Club. It’s a subscription service that delivers condoms to your door monthly. Remember that time you ran into your 4th grade teacher while buying a economy sized box of condoms? Or how about that time your fuck-buddy gave you Chlamydia because he “ran out” of condoms? Neither of those scarring incidents would have happened if you had a consistent supply of condoms, right?

Rubber Club offers subscription services in sizes of 3-24 condoms per month. Although we’re not sure if three condoms would be worth paying the extra delivery fee, 24 seems like a pretty legit amount. Rubber Club offers products from all of your favorite condom brands, from Trojan Her Pleasure to Durex Pleasure Pack. They also offer “sextras” such as Durex Play Vibrations and Trojan Arousal Lube.

Then again, if you’re really a sex-fiend, will a monthly 24 pack of condoms be enough to suffice you? Maybe you should buy your boo a subscription for his Christmas gift to hint at all the sex you’ll be having in 2016? If nothing else, at least it’ll be a way to convince him that you’re not down with unprotected sex.

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