Do Saint Patty’s Day The Irish Model Way

Irish model Rosalind Lipsett is our Saint Patty’s Day crush! We decided to fully embrace the holiday with this mega hottie by asking her a couple questions. She tells us how to wear green, her go to beer, and we even get some of her babely beauty secrets. See how to live like the Irish below!


Photographer || Kaelan Barowsky

Have you ever seen a leprechaun?

Only in my dreams of Ireland…..

What Irish brands do you love?

Guinness for their mind blowing marketing campaigns, Aer Lingus because it reminds me of coming home, and Riverdance because it’s the best soundtrack to have a few whiskeys and a good knees up to! 

What are 5 tips for drinking like an Irish girl?

Pace yourself, no one likes a sloppy drunk! The Irish are very affectionate drinkers, we are not the kind of drunks that fight, we are lovers, which is nice, so make like the Irish, get tipsy and hug someone!

Favorite beer for Saint Patty’s Day?

Definitely Guinness poured in Ireland. For some reason it tastes different there. 

What is the best way to wear green during Saint Patty’s Day?

The best way is to stick a shamrock in your lapel and wish everyone you see a Happy St Patrick’s Day and correct them if they say Patty’s because it’s PADDY’S!!! 

Fave Irish singer?

It has to be Enya. She’s timeless.

Any beauty secrets for our Galore Girls?

Water, SPF and a good blow out will see you right!





Photographer || Kaelan Barowsky

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