Did Ronda Rousey Just Get Naked For Sports Illustrated?

Any excuse to talk about a female, whose full-time occupation does not fall under the title “model,” showing some serious body pride is a fine excuse by me.

Ronda Rousey isn’t a supermodel, but when you kick ass for a living your body is most likely going to resemble that of one, maybe just a little more buff. Sport’s Illustrated editor MJ Day posted a questionable photo on her Instagram, linked very unquestionably to the magazines upcoming “body paint” issue; a photo of an ass resembling that of Rousey herself.

Truthfully, the ass could be anyone’s. However, the wrist tattoos identical to the fighter’s ink, and a peek of golden locks are definitely keeping us guessing.


This would be the perfect time for her to remind everyone she’s a knockout, considering this is her first magazine shoot since losing UFC 193 and the Women’s Bantamweight championship title, and suffering a knockout of her own from Holly Holm in November.

Remember: Ronda Rousey is not afraid of anything, so showing her ass to the entire world covered in nothing but paint wouldn’t be something to put past her. It’s also exciting for women, body image and the female sports arena all around. I guess we’ll see in February.

Photo courtesy of MJ Day/Sports Illustrated Swim Instagram

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