Romeo Lacoste Gives A Peak Inside His Inked Up World

Romeo Lacoste is one crush-worthy Canadian you need to know about. He has tatted everyone whose anyone in Hollywood, from the Beibs to Ariana Grande. He gave us all a peak inside his inked up world, and even revealed some of his top secret shower habits! From bucket list goals to making his first dollar, get the scoop on Romeo Lacoste, below.


What are the last three things you charged on your credit card?

A snicker’s bar, paper towels and Denny’s, haha.

What are the next two things you want to check off your bucket list?

Breaking a world record and to go on a world tour.

What are you singing in the shower nowadays?

Probably a little Prince or Young Thug.

What were your New Year’s resolutions?

To make more money!

Which app do you use most often?

Twitter for sure, and recently Snapchat.

How did you make your first dollar?

Selling toys at a garage sale.


Photography by Angelo Kritikos
Creative Direction by Alexandra Mandelkorn
Grooming by Nicole Walmsley

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