Rocket Dog is coming back with a collab with stylist Chloe Bartoli

The iconic, 90s, teen-scene footwear brand Rocket Dog is officially making a comeback with the help of celebrity stylist, Chloe Bartoli.

The new collaboration’s name is called RDxCALIGIRLS, reminiscent of the California grunge vibes from the 90s that basically all of us wanted to emulate (you know it’s true). 

“Seeing so many brands catering to one millennial over another, had me SHOOK. Fashion has never been egalitarian – a crushing fact that I had to face in my time at luxury fashion houses, doing PR since my first internship (at 14 years old). It’s about empowered accessibility and good vibes. Fashion brands need to catch up,” explains Jhonathan Mendez de Leon, Head of VIP and PR Relations​ at Rocket Dog.

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Rocket Dog has been able to cater to every social group for over 20 years – from my Vogue editors recounting tirelessly about rocking their first pair in high school, to my seasoned, red carpet stars turning to the brand to give them an edge. It is high, low, and everything in between – modern nostalgia fueled by the easy spirit of West Coast,” says Jhonathan of the reason why Rocket Dog still remains so iconic in the industry.

The new line was concocted by the marketing powerhouse duo at Rocket Dog, Jhonathan Mendez De Leon and Emilia Cima. The line is meant to give influencers the keys to the Rocket Dog kingdom for one season in order to design their own capsule collection.

“We wanted to create something that was big – bigger than one idea, one name, one one-off collaboration, and bigger than the brand. Something that could take on a life force of its’ own and could be endlessly reimagined. It doesn’t get much bigger than the world’s love affair with California,” Emilia Cima, Head of Global Creative & Marketing at Rocket Dog, tells Galore.

“So, in developing the idea further, we tapped directly into RD’s heritage, threw in a twist of today, and made it the platform for what would become RDxCALIGIRLS,” Emilia explains.

Enter Chloe Bartoli.

The collection is debuting with a collaboration designed in partnership with celebrity stylist, Chloe Bartoli, who has worked with the likes of Shay Mitchell, Chanel Iman, Poppy and Cara Delevingne, Cami Morrone, and Shanina Shaik (isn’t that a mouthful?).

RDxCALIGIRLS will debut the Spring/Summer 2018 collection with Chloe Bartoli who is known for her cutting edge, simple, and masculine-inspired aesthetic. Rocket Dog and Chloe are the ideal pairing to hype up the new line, and the shoes are definitely inspired by Chloe’s style.

“I am beyond excited to collaborate with Rocket Dog! Growing up, if you didn’t have a pair of Rocket Dogs in high school, you were definitely not part of the cool crowd.  I decided to make my collection a little bit more masculine than what they generally design and are well know since I’m a total tomboy,” says Chloe Bartoli of the new line she helped design.

“Instead of designing pieces that were more on the feminine side like Rocket Dog‘s classic platform sandal, I decided to take the platform and add a more rock ‘n’ roll/punk vibe to the collection,” explains Chloe Bartoli.

This collab will create the next chapter for the Rocket Dog brand and its customer, especially at a time when the 90s trends are officially making a comeback. Rocket Dog, the brand that gained popularity in the 90s for its fabulous platform sandals and stacked footwear, is now bringing back these iconic looks with a modern, current twist.

“California is a movement – its diverse, its global. We all crave a piece of Malibu, endless palm trees, with a buzz of punk. Rocket Dog is that life – a little attitude and a lot fun,” Jhonathan tells Galore of the RDxCALIGIRLS aesthetic.

RDxCALIGIRLS isn’t a one-off collaboration just with Chloe, though. It’s a pop-up program that will continue to collab with other influencers in the future.

Rocket Dog will partner with a new collaborator with each collection debut for RDxCALIGIRLS – particularly someone involved in the fashion industry and the young Hollywood scene, the crossroads for the RDxCALIGIRLS vibes. Chloe Bartoli fits this so well, and she just makes sense as their debut collaborator.

The collection will officially launch this May, and it will be sold both online and across key retailers nationwide and internationally, with its focus in the US and the UK.

I know for a fact that the Rocket Dog collection and its legendary platforms are going to be a hit with everyone across the board. This new line is original, unique, and I’m extremely excited myself to style these bad boys upon their release.

We sat down with Chloe to discuss her styling career and her upcoming collaboration with Rocket Dog. Check it out below.

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Being a stylist is only recently getting visibility, and stylists are as much of icons as their clients in some respect. How did you first get into the styling world?

From a very young age I always knew I loved clothing. My mother and father did, too. Every weekend they would take us to flea market and vintage stores so I was always around clothing. I first got into the styling world when I got a job as a buyer for a clothing store in Los Angeles and then slowly decided that styling was more my speed.

What advice do you have for young stylists out there trying to turn their work into a full-on career?

My advice for young stylists who are just beginning is to stay true to their style always and have a good, strong team!

Biggest tip you have for working in such a tough industry?

To always stay true to your personal sense of style.

What’s your favorite look you’ve ever styled and why?

My favorite look is always the perfect pair of blue, vintage Levis, a vintage tee, and western ankle boots. It’s what I wear pretty much everyday and feel most myself in.

You’ve collabed with Rocket Dog for their upcoming collection. Can you tell us a little bit about how you first got involved with the brand?

I first got involved with the brand when they reached out to me. I was instantly excited and very into the collaboration, as when I was younger everyone at school rocked Rocket Dogs and if you did not have them you were not a cool kid!

What kind of vibes can we expect from the collab?

90s grunge. More masculine, tomboy vibes compared to what Rocket Dog normally does.

What’s your favorite design in the collection?

The platform boot!

Trend you will never give into?

Wearing athleisure wear with heels!

Trend you can’t get enough of?

Always vintage. Leather, moto jacket. Cowboy boot. Pantsuits.

Celeb style crush right now?

Erin Wasson.


Photos courtesy of Rocket Dog and Getty Images

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