Rock ‘n’ Roll Meets The Fashion World At Our Galore X Tart Launch Party

As Studio 54 taught us, no party is better than one where the fashion meets rock ‘n’ rollers, and we certainly had the two bases covered at the celebration for our Galore X Tart collaboration last night. Susan McKagan, the iconic ’90s-era supermodel hosted, with Duff, her rockstar husband (legendary Guns ‘N’ Roses bassist) in tow and with their hot rockstar spawn Grace McKagan front and center on stage in a performance with her band, The Pink Slips. Breakroom 86, the Los Angeles mainstay bar which hosted our rager, is also where the lookbook for Tart X Galore’s Holiday 15 and Resort 16 collection was shot, so with all the featured models sashaying around in fur, silk and leather ensembles, sipping on Devotion Vodka and Redbull cocktail, alongside the venue’s vintage-tape plastered walls, the effect was so beautiful that maybe even Andy Warhol would have been proud.

The Pink Slips

Prince + Jacob x Icona Pop

Duff McKagan & Susan Holmes McKagan

Devotion Vodka & Red Bull

Grace McKagan

Susan Holmes McKagan & Grace McKagan

Devotion Vodka

Shamari Maurice & Ireland Baldwin

Ireland Baldwin

Susan Holmes McKagan

The Pink Slips

Caroline Vreeland

Grace McKagan

Icona Pop

Gimme More POP

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