Robyn Lawley 13 Steps To Cook A Turkey Like A Boss

Now, I have a very special Turkey Roast Recipe that’s going in a very special book, my cook book that is ;), but thats a while off–and I’m here to help you NOW.


It may or may not be your first turkey roast (if it is, STOP STRESSING!); regardless, I’m going to unleash turkey roast know-how so that you can be prepared 😛

Here ya go:

1. Buy your turkey from an ethical and organic farm (for the animal and the taste). If you want your turkey to taste like ‘crap’, go buy it from anywhere.

2. Don’t buy a turkey thats too big- (i.e. more than you can chew [so to speak], remember it has to fit in your NYC oven)

3. BUY FRESHHHHH! I had a turkey delivered this year to me that had been flash frozen and it just wasn’t the same. For some reason the skin of the turkey is ruined when frozen… in my opinion, that is.

(Robyn Tip: Some people believe frozen to be fresher; however, this to me sounds the same as frozen vegetables…BULLSHIT. Get fresh from a local farm!)

4. Make sure you take the innards out and wash the turkey well before doing anything to it.

5. Brine vs Salt! While both ways are effective, salted gives more flavor; however, I prefer brining to give it a more succulent finish.

(Robyn tip: Brining consists of letting the turkey soak in salted water. I brine my turkey for at
least 10 hours)

6. Add flavors to the brine- add things like sugar, apples, mustard seeds etc (think fresh
ingredients) this add layers of flavors to the turkey

7. An hour before its ready to cook, let the Turkey sit at Room temperature (if its a big turkey 15 pounds or more let rest longer)

8. Stuff the bird with stuffing or vegetables

9. Use a shallow roasting pan to avoid ‘steaming’ the meat

10. Baste your turkey (I tend to use maple syrup and butter)

11. Tie vs tuck vs left alone (turkey wings and legs that is)- all are fine. I’ve noticed no difference except turkey will cook faster without being tied or tucked, but presentation tied looks the best…

(Robyn Tip: you can also tie it at the end)

12. You need to cook the bird on high heat for the first 30 mins, if throughout the cooking process you notice the skin is getting too dark (or it’s looking burnt), you can cover those areas with little bits of aluminum foil.

12. Keep basting throughout the entire cooking process

(Robyn Tip: For crispier skin, hold off towards the last 30 mins)

13. Let it rest for at least 30 mins before carving…just put some more aluminum on it)

Hopefully, your turkey is amazing, because when it is…it’s truly magical 🙂

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