Robert Downey Jr. Advises You To ‘Keep Your Nose Clean’


Robert Downey Jr. was presented with the Generation Award from his fellow Avengers at the MTV Movie Awards tonight. And we all know that the Generation Award is the highest honor that recognizes an actor during their career for inspiring and engaging the MTV audience.

And Robert is already a badass person and actor, but his speech was even better.

Robert not only referenced how he has gone through success, failure, ups and downs, partied way too hard (I mean who hasn’t these days), but he also advised us to keep our noses clean.

“In the 34 years that have passed since the birth of MTV, I’ve grown up, I’ve failed, succeeded, partied way too much, begged for second chances and literally clawed my way to the top…. Because you CAN define your generation.”

He keeps his speech raw and real which is why we all love him.

The President of MTV, Stephen Friedman, said earlier in a press release, “He’s a brilliant actor and a Hollywood icon, and we are proud to recognize his tremendous passion and talent with this year’s Generation Award.”

But all in all very good advice from Robert’s generation to ours, I would have to agree. Thanks Robert!

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