No One Hates The Kardashians Quite Like Rob

THIS JUST IN: In an incredibly aggressive social media move, Rob K posted this pic comparing Kim to the psychotic, man-slaying, money stealing anti-Christ that was Amy Dunne in Gone Girl.

galore_mag_wtf_robPhoto via TMZ

What’s the deal? Alright, I can kinda see how this looks like Kim. Amy is copping a Kardashian signature “I didn’t call the paparazzi, they just found me” pose, plus the blonde hair is extremely Kim as of two weeks ago. But even so, this is way harsh, Rob. He also boldly unfollowed the rest of the Klan on Instagram. We all know that in the modern era, an Insta-unfollow is equivilent to throwing a flaming bag of crap at someone’s door (but more subtle) so I get the feeling Rob is not playing around. I’m not really sure what prompted this family fued, but I definitely will be following Rob’s Instagram so I don’t miss one juicy detail.

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