RIPE: The Healthy Way To Order Food From Your Phone

As much as you want to stay on track with your health and fitness goals, you can’t deny that apps like Grubhub make it so freaking easy to order (unhealthy) food right to your apartment in those times when you’re too hungover to get out of bed.

Luckily, CJ Richards and Benjamin Carlisle have crafted a solution for this dilemma. Their new app, RIPE, allows you to order food from restaurants in NYC that are as healthy as they are delicious. We chatted with the two about why you need to download RIPE right now!

What gave you the idea to create this app?
The short story is we were tired of being tempted by junk food when ordered from the restaurants in our area.
The long story is we have been working on various businesses together for the past 3 years. The idea of RIPE, a healthy food delivery app, came to us while we were working on our health and fitness concierge service nearly two years ago now. The service worked like this; Ben trained clients in the gym while CJ taught them how to cook, shop for groceries and gave them meal plans to follow.
We realized that not everyone has time to prepare meals or has confidence to cook their own food or make it tasty. That people order food from restaurants almost every day, sometimes multiple times a day. We figured if we could create an app that curated a list of the healthiest, most delicious menu items in NYC that people could still order without any guilt.
You are both models as well, do you foresee this being a hit with fellow models?
We hope it’s a hit for everyone. As a model it is important to eat healthy. Preparation is everything and sometimes you just don’t have time to prepare food. Also, when your on shoots, sometimes they don’t have the best food. Now we have a quick and easy way to order and can cater to everyone.
What’s a common mistake you think people tend to make when trying to eat healthy?
The biggest mistake people make when trying to eat healthy is thinking that dieting is a one size fits all thing. That is not the case. There are many different styles and everyones bodies are different.
Do you plan on expanding to other areas eventually?
After we perfect our product in New York we are looking to expand into different cities in different states. Eventually different countries. We also have our eye on our favorite European cities.
How does Ripe give back to the homeless, as displayed in your promotional video?
Giving back is a core part of our brand. We are always finding way to give back to the community. We work with our partners (the restaurants) to feed the homeless. In the summer we offer free a free workout 3 times a week called Thrive in the Park. (
What are each of your favorite restaurants featured on the app?
We love all of the restaurants on our app.  Some of our favorites are Darrow’s NYC, Organic Grill, and The Squeeze.


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