RIP Lauren Bacall: A Legend Of The Silver Screen

Bronx born actress Lauren Bacall died at the age of 89 last night in New York City.


This iconic American actress was the wife of Humphrey Bogart, 25 years her senior and never once stood in his shadow, even when they shared the screen together. Bogart even once said of his wife in comparison to her Hollywood peers, “Ninety percent of them are the dullest broads in town. They have no appeal for me whatsoever, and that goes for Marilyn Monroe, Jane Russell, and Gina Lollobrigida. In fact, the only actress in town with any true allure is Lauren Bacall.”

Lauren Bacall

His words rang true. Everything Bacall did was effortlessly sultry. Even her famous downward gaze was entirely the product of nervous habit ( she would dig her chin to her chest in order to stop shaking- we wish our nervous habits were so sexy). She had a low throaty voice that Emma Stone wishes she had and the sort of leading lady talent and presence that most actresses today will never have.


Through it all though, Bacall remained a levelheaded, inspirational woman. A true pillar of feminism and strength in a time where those things were relatively rare. Of her affair with the then married Bogart, Bacall said “I was very headstrong, and if I wanted to go, I went. I remember flying down the street, and he was standing there, and I’d never done anything like it or known anyone like him before.”


Bacall remains a talented woman who should be looked up to by young women everywhere. In one of her last interviews with Parade magazine, she said “I was not satisfied with just being a pretty face, but rather I was one who decided to prevail. Notice I don’t say ‘survive.’ Everybody’s a survivor. Everyone wants to stay alive. What’s the alternative? See, I prefer to prevail.”


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