Style Star Rima Vaidila Is Redefining The Term ‘Blogger’

Rima Vaidila is a stylist, model, and social-media guru, but at the heart of it, she’s a blogger. Not your run-of-the-mill blogger, mind you. Rima embraces a refreshingly simple aesthetic which translates into all aspects of her life and business, just the opposite of her typically over the top blogging peers. She gave us some insight on working in the industry, the formula for the perfect outfit, and tips for finding the best denim!
Do you have an every day formula for an outfit? 
I’m definitely a jeans & tee girl. I love black skinnies and a black, deep v tee. 90% of the time I’ll be wearing heeled ankle boots. Find pieces that FIT and buy them in every (neutral) color. I’m all for having high quality basics in black, grey and white.
How has working in fashion changed your opinion of / relationship with style?
I’m definitely more aware and conscientious of not only what I wear, but also what I see others wearing. Working in fashion, which typically runs with the “more is more” mentality, has funnily enough pushed me towards a more minimal, simple aesthetic. I do love seeing great, crazy street style though. It’s always fun to see something worn in an unexpected way.
What pieces will you be living in this Spring?
Although I love wearing black, I’m starting to grow my white top collection. I love how chic and understated a great, white button down looks. A classic Equipment blouse is a spring ( and year round!) wardrobe must-have and looks just as killer with jeans or shorts. Super boss b*tch vibes. I’ve also started a strappy heeled sandal collection. Which is quite shocking considering stilettos are way out of my element.
Describe your aesthetic in three words. 
Minimal, tomboy, no-fuss.
Where do you look for denim and what are your tips on finding the best fit?
The key is trying on tons of different brands/styles and sizes. I like going to American Rag because they have TONS of different brands, washes and styles. I’m a skinny jean girl and will probably always be. I look for a heavier, true denim jean and hate super stretchy jeggings. I always do the squat test to make sure the waist fits and that they’ll be comfortable enough to wear all day.
A lot of bloggers don’t like the term ‘blogger’ but you embrace it. Why?
Hahaha and by that you mean “oh I’m not a blogger, I’m the editor of my personal style blog.” I always laugh. Yes, the term “blogger” definitely comes with the expectation of macaroon pics and over the top outfits but I think that’s why I’m ok with calling myself one. Take a look at my Instagram feed or website and you’ll quickly see that I’m almost the exact opposite of the super girly, dessert obsessed (do they even actually eat all those macaroons??) quote on quote fashion blogger. Yes, I post photos of my outfits but I’d like to think of myself as more of the anti-blogger. I create content with heavy editorial influence and try to select photos that evoke emotion and movement. Being a blogger allows me to share things that are authentically me. There’s no greater satisfaction than the “you’re my inspo” comments. It’s amazing how many doors blogging has opened for me within styling, social media and modeling. I’m not an editor, I’m a blogger. That label means I do it all, not just edit.
You have a very minimal, sleek feel to your look. How does that translate into other parts of your lifestyle and business?
I definitely adopted the “less is more” mentality and utilize it in all aspects of my life. Cutting out the superfluous in all aspects of life allow me to focus and be more productive. My minimal aesthetic is very prevalent and consistent across my social media client accounts, styling work, personal websites and social media.

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