Rihanna’s New Hair Color Will Have You Booking Your Next Salon Appointment Stat

We are on the edge of our seats for everything that Rihanna does, whether it’s a slightly off kilter interview or the promise of another killer Victoria Secret fashion show performance. We are so thirsty for any bit of information especially after Bad Gal RiRi revealed the title and artwork for her new album, and while we still haven’t heard any further about that, Rihanna gave us something new to talk about, her new navy blue hair. Last night at CBS Radio’s third annual We Can Survive concert, Rihanna debuted her new tresses, pulled back in a messy ponytail, the cool hue popped in just the right lighting, think more sunlight glinting off the ocean versus a pastel shade. MTV has pointed out that Rihanna has a habit of changing her hair for each new release, a pixie cut for Unapologetic, a fiery red for Loud. So what could this hair color mean for Anti? Well, after consulting our trusty mood ring charts, Ri’s blue tint can be interpreted as a mix of relaxed, calm, and passion. We can’t argue that Rihanna seems as confident as ever, maybe foreshadowing major IDGAF bad bitch vibes for the new release.


Image via Getty Images

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