Rihanna’s V Mag Cover Shows How To Do Glam At The Beach


Holy WOW. Rihanna covered V Magazine and we can finally stop asking how to properly spice up swimwear, because the spread is practically a flawless manual for looking luxe lying in a beach chair. Step one, start with colored eyeliner and candy toned lippy. Riri proves that blue eyeliner, once the definition of passe beauty, is back. Get your coconut oil ready to treat some bleached blonde tresses, and the beauty look is covered. Two, tiny crop tops are all you need for a swim cover up, as long as your poolside stiletto game is strong. And finally (and most baffling) fur is not just for fur bikinis! I’m talking fur towels, fur baseball hats, even fur coats if you are inexplicably hanging at the beach in chilly weather. Of course, anyone other than our bad gal channelling a 00’s video vixen on the beach would likely be ridiculed mercilessly, so proceed with caution.



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