Rihanna is a secret “Real Housewives” stan

We always knew she had impeccable taste, so it’s not totally shocking to learn Rihanna is a “Real Housewives” fan. It is fun af, though.

The truth came to light in a recent interview with W magazine. The good people at W asked Rih what she’s got on TV right now, and here’s what she said:

Anything that is a documentary or reality TV. Anything that has the word “wife” in it. And every city. It doesn’t matter [if they are good.] I like watching real situations and real reactions; I’m just obsessed. Even when it is terrible, that makes me want to watch it even more.

It’s interesting that Rihanna doesn’t outright say “Real Housewives.” It’s like it’s the Voldemort of TV shows; she can’t utter its actual name. But it’s cool to know that she does, in fact, watch every single city, and it doesn’t, in fact, matter if they are good.

What is a bit concerning, though, is that she refers to the “Real Housewives” franchise as “real situations and real reactions.” I mean, obviously they’re supposed to be real — but whether they are real or staged is not exactly cut and dry.

What is real is the 80s comeback we’ve been predicting for a while — Rihanna says later in the interview that the most exciting thing in fashion right now is the shoulder pad.

“I never think that should go out of style,” she said. “A broad shoulder makes a small waist, and I like that idea, a lot.”

Now that we know Rihanna is a “Real Housewives” fan, we just have one last question: what would her tagline be?

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