Rihanna Just Postponed Her ANTI World Tour

Either Rihanna’s bronchitis is chronic, or something’s up with our favorite Bad Gal.

Only a few days after she canceled her Grammy performance at the last minute, RiRi has now postponed the first few dates of her North American ANTI tour because of “production delays,” according to the San Diego Tribune.

The first eight shows of her tour, which included dates in San Diego, San Jose, Oakland, Cleveland, Dallas, Austin, Houston, and Atlanta, have all been rescheduled for May. You can see the new tour schedule here.

So  the question remains: what’s going on with Rihanna? TMZ says her Grammy cancelation was actually due to a backstage meltdown and not the bronchitis that she cited, but of course we don’t know for sure what went down.

She also had a busy month besides that, what with her slightly botched album release and her first-ever Puma fashion show.

Of course we’re rooting for her to iron out whatever’s been bugging her, whether it’s her health or some other issue. We’ll be here bumping ANTI and lusting over your new Puma sneaker until you’re ready to bestow even more awesomeness upon us, Ri.

[H/T Perez Hilton]

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