Rihanna Drops ‘American Oxygen’ For Tidal


Okay #Navy, we’ve got good news and bad news. The good news is over the weekend Rihanna decided to grace us with another new song, called American Oxygen. This is the third new track Rihanna has released since she started making new music, and recording what will be eighth her studio album. The bad news? Rihanna has decided to release the new song exclusively for Tidal, which, as we discussed earlier last week, is Jay-Z’s new $20 per month high fidelity streaming service.

For those of you who are still on that free trial tip–which most of us should be if you even bothered to download the app–you’ll be able to listen to it here, just make sure to remember to unsubscribe to the service after your free thirty days are up, otherwise you’ll be dropping $20 a month for your music.

Rihanna’s exclusive drop for Tidal is the second exclusive premier that the service has orchestrated, already. The first having been Beyonce’s video recording of a song entitled “Die With You”. While we’re excited that both Bey and Rih are dropping new music, it does have us wondering if the future of all things Rihanna and Beyonce (and maybe even Nicki?) will be in the form of a “Tidal exclusive” drop. If so, it may be time to weigh our options and decide whether we can cough up those $20 a month… for now, I’m sorry Rihanna, but this bitch just doesn’t have that money.

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