Rihanna Dressed Up Like A Cartoon Character, People Were About It


When your first name is Rihanna and your last name is not something people have even thought about for years, you can do, say and wear whatever your heart desires.  Case in point, yesterday the Barbadian pop star made headlines for wearing Jeremy Scott, but looking straight out of cartoon – specifically, the Flinstones, even going so far as to call herself ‘Thotty Pebbles.;

If you’re thinking to yourself, “this is gotta be for some music video,” you’re 100% wrong. The princess of pop dressed up like a cartoon character for her niece’s 1st birthday.


In case you missed the really important detail here, there is a one-year-old child in the world who is already so cool that Rihanna is coming to her parties and dressing in theme. Unsurprisingly, this child’s name is Majesty. Forget all your friends and figure out how to become BFFs with Majesty ASAP.  She’s only one, and she’s already cooler than you.

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