Find Out Rihanna’s Secrets In Her New Documentary


We’ve always wondered what it’s like to be Rihanna. She gives absolutely zero f***s and lives exactly how she pleases. Somehow, always in badass outfits. How can one woman do all that? We’re about to find out, because a Rihanna documentary is in the works!! The only time I can remember seeing RiRi on the big screen was when she played herself in This Is The End and got her ass slapped by Michael Cera. Hipster creeps and butt grabs are good for the giggles, but it wasn’t exactly an Oscar-worthy moment. This doc will resurrect Rihanna’s movie career in a big way, because rather than a 30 sec sound bite, it will be a full length “character study” (according to director Peter Berg). IDK what that means, but I’d literally read Rihanna’s grocery lists if she let me, so I’m on board. What are your wishes for the Rihanna documentary? Let us know!

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