Rihanna Demonstrates How to Shut Down ‘The Thirst’ Via Social Media

BadGalRiRi holds nothing back on the real, and on Instagram, (maybe that’s why she got kicked off the first time) but recently, the bad bitch herself proved you don’t have to say that much to get her attention. Memphis NBA player, Matt Barnes, was trying to play it cool in a recent TMZ unofficial paparazzi interview by claiming he is in fact “just friends” with Rihanna, yet his percy grin attempts to allude to a possible behind-the-scenes relationship, even going on to say that they are “well past the crush phase.” At least that’s what he wants you to think.

Unfortunately for the tatted ball player, even sly remarks don’t slide past our quick-witted kween, and the singer was quick to take the matter to Instagram, posting a blurry screenshot of the TMZ interview with a slew of hashtags, starting with “#bishwhere” and ending with “#defemationofcharacter”, claiming she has #neverevenmetyou. Not only is a Rihanna diss always hilarious, but she also seems to have a wide range of jabs, from pop culture references, to intellectual dismissals.


As most would probably brush off Barnes clearly thirsty remarks, RiRi is quick to see when someone is disrespecting her privacy or partaking in phony behavior. There were red flags everywhere in Barnes responses, specifically when he is asked if the two will stay in touch despite his move to Memphis and the baller responds “Nah, she’s rich, we’ll be alright.” Even a “friend” doesn’t refer to another friend’s financial status as an answer to their problems. Ladies, take notes. Pay attention to what a man is saying, or not saying, in regards to your relationship, because if it’s anything but the truth, there’s clearly a sure-fire way to shut down the thirst immediately.

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