‘Anti’ Is Finally Happening and Rihanna’s Celebrating With $9,000 Headphones

After years of rumors and speculation, it looks like the wait is finally over. Anti exists, and Rihanna is listening to it in style.  

As if the world really needed another reminder that Rihanna is maybe the coolest person to ever exist. Seriously, is there any doper way to announce to the world that your album is probably done?

At 9:22 in the morning, an hour where most of us are still nursing our first cup of coffee while absentmindedly taking a muffin to the face, Rihanna had already gotten red carpet ready, put on her $8,895 Dolce & Gabanna headphones and started listening to Anti — or you know, the album formerly known as R8.  

Sorry Kanye, but that handwritten track list doesn’t even come close. 

While there’s still a chance that this could just be another one of Rihanna’s tricks to keep us excited, we’re crossing our fingers that this picture means Anti is coming any day now.  

Please Rihanna, deliver us from the thirst trap — and please don’t post another picture wearing those headphones because there’s a chance the world might explode from your fabulousness.

And all this time we were worried about global warming.

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