Rihanna And 5 Other Babes We Want To See As Bond Girls

As if the Bond franchise weren’t already sexy enough, there appears to be a new Bond Girl in town. Rihanna may be joining the Bond family in the new film Bond24, which is set to start filming in November. We are obviously psyched about this news and it’s got us thinking about some other fierce female musicians who we would like to see taking on these iconic roles. But who would they play? And more importantly what would they wear? Here are a few of our ideas.

Beyonce as The Queen Bee


She is already a Queen Bey. We can see the Beyonce dressed in black and gold bondage dresses standing by James’ side. James may be good with a gun but Beyonce already slays us with her fierce dance moves and flawless singing voice, it seems appropriate that she should slay some Bond villains as well.

Ariana Grande as Baby Mimi


Ariana’s superpower will be her ability to transform into iconic R&B singers at a moments notice, rendering her opponents confused and starstruck… but wait doesn’t she do that in real life too?

Katy Perry as Candy Girl


Katy may have toned her style down a bit but we can’t ever forget the power those sexy cotton candy costumes had on us. So why not have Katy dress up in those whipped cream shooting bras again except this time, the whipped cream will have a deadly effect on those nasty bond villains.

Lady Gaga as Lady Monster


We feel that most of Gaga’s outfits would be suitable for a James Bond movie, and with someone as fierce as Gaga, we can absolutely see her rocking it as a Bond femme fatale. Maybe her power could be slicing you with those cheekbone prosthetics she wore for her Born This Way album cover?

Taylor Swift as Cutie LongLegs

We see Taylor as the damsel in distress type but for sure she can rock any of those Bond girl mini dresses!

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