The Right Way To Tease Your Man

Teasing is literally God’s gift to women. When done properly, you can have a guy practically finishing in his pants before he’s even gotten inside, and the best part is…you can stop any time you want to, leaving him completely powerless and practically begging to get a piece. If you want to learn how to tease your man until he can’t take it, check out our tips for the fiercest and hottest teasing below!

1. Nibble, nibble!

Guys love when girls nibble on their ears, so don’t be afraid to bite, ladies!

2. Exhale

After you’ve nibbled a bit, breath a little bit into his ear. That might sound weird but the warm air drives them crazy, just make sure it’s not in some weird wheezy way.

3. Moan

Even if it’s fake, guys like knowing that they’re getting you off, so MOAN, girly!

4. Push

Once you get into the inevitable dry phase, grab his butt and push it like he’s already getting it in. This is when he’ll start losing it.

5. Talk dirty!

Don’t be afraid to get nasty. He wants to hear how big his peen is and how much you want it. Whether you decide to go all the way with him or not is up to you, but either way, he’s YOURS now!

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