The 12 most ridic sex questions confused people have asked the internet

Here at Galore, we would never shame anyone’s sexual inexperience or kink, but you can’t deny that people who ask sex questions on the internet are hilarious.

And honestly, I can’t blame them. Even in my brief dip into Reddit’s sex page, I learned some new words!

But among some educational questions and freaky fantasies that made me a little jealous, there were also some absolutely hysterical questions. Some because they are so freaking obvious, and some that are just bizarre. Enjoy.

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1. What do you really mean/want when you text a girl “you up?”

Girl, you know WTF this means! If you’re hoping someone is going to answer “it means he’s in love with you but too shy to say anything else,” don’t hold your breath.

2. How safe is it to have sex with two partners but not use a condom for one of them?

Were you asleep during all of your middle school health class? Or did you go to some religious school that taught abstinence only?

3. How do I fix my penis

Thankfully (or not so thankfully) he expands upon this question in the meta description.

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4. Is it normal for me (f26) to only want to have sex with S/O (m27).

In Reddit language, this is a female 26-year-old who’s asking if it’s normal that she only wants to have sex with her 27-year-old male significant other.

You mean, is it normal for you to not want to cheat on your partner? I’m going out on a limb here, but I think in our largely monogamous society, you’d get a gold star!

5. Is it common for a guy to cum within 10 minutes everytime? Handjobs, blowjobs, and sex.

Oh honey, with the way things are going, you’re lucky it’s that long.

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6. Got blown after eating a ton of toaster strudel’s.


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7. I may be getting my first ever blowjob this weekend from a fellow redditor. So im wondering what sort of sensations I could/should expect.

Jesus, can’t you just enjoy the damn thing without reading a thesis on it first? Also, love how you’re meeting someone from Reddit to get your first BJ, a true love story.

8. I just fingered my gf, and it was my first time. Idk if i did it correctly!

You probably didn’t, but that’s okay!

9. [serious] I can only cum to hentai


10. [Advice needed: stealthing?] If a guy claims the condom came off without him knowing it, is he lying?

YES HE IS LYING. Also, I’m not just assuming all guys are assholes, even the guys on Reddit think the guy is lying after reading her explanation of the full story.

11. What do you guys like to receive when sexting and why?

Girl, really? You’re already making your man feel lucky as hell by sexting with him in the first place, you really think he’s not happy with a pic of your fine ass naked body? Unless you send him some pics of you blowing your dog I think everything else is in the clear!

12. What’s more attractive, long straight hair or curly?

Ugh, sadly Reddit (particularly the AskMen thread) is filled with girls asking for guys’ opinions on EVERYTHING. But putting that pathetic tidbit aside, does this girl realize that different people have different preferences? Crazy, I know.

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