Rey of Light




Leave it to L’Officiel Paris to transform the pouty, purring sex kitten known as Lana Del Rey into a mature Hollywood starlet looking as if she’s on the set of the upgraded ‘Gone With The Wind’ meets Madonna‘s “La Isla Bonita”. In the stellar spread, shot by Nicole Nodland and styled immaculately by Vanessa Bellugeon (in lots of Ralph Lauren Collection, FYI), Lana finds herself in many a cinematic situation — with an open red lipstick pout and matching strapless red gown caressing wilting roses to her chest; with her eyes wide shut in protecting herself from the sun with a massive brim hat (and super curly locks peaking out) and an almost literally gone with the wind cape; AND — GET THIS — SMILING. And do not even get me started on Lana repenting her sins and/or praying to find her chico latino. This is totally what a Danielle Steele written and directed high fashion telenovela would look like, right? Obsessed.

Lana-Del-Rey-Lofficiel-Paris-01 Lana-Del-Rey-Lofficiel-Paris-12 Lana-Del-Rey-Lofficiel-Paris-11 Lana-Del-Rey-Lofficiel-Paris-10 Lana-Del-Rey-Lofficiel-Paris-09 Lana-Del-Rey-Lofficiel-Paris-08 Lana-Del-Rey-Lofficiel-Paris-07 Lana-Del-Rey-Lofficiel-Paris-06 Lana-Del-Rey-Lofficiel-Paris-05 Lana-Del-Rey-Lofficiel-Paris-04 Lana-Del-Rey-Lofficiel-Paris-03 Lana-Del-Rey-Lofficiel-Paris-02Lana-Del-Rey-Lofficiel-Paris-14 Lana-Del-Rey-Lofficiel-Paris-13

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