Thin Shame All You Want, Model Renee Somerfield Has Some Healthy Advice

You might recognize Renee Somerfield from the latest body image controversy surrounding Protein World’s “Beach Body Ready” campaign. The fit model who lives a life eating healthy by avoiding processed foods is being slammed for her toned tummy and tiny waist plastered across billboards in the UK. Our readers can agree, here at Galore we consider every body type to be bombshell worthy. And Renee’s body, despite how perfect it may be, is healthy. A woman that makes her living as a fitness, bikini and lingerie model is expected to look good, and thin shamers must learn to respect that. Yes, the advertising world needs to focus on featuring more relatable women in their campaigns, but that’s another story. In this instance, a fitness brand is selling a fitness product using a fitness model whose job is to workout. Aside from seeming completely logical, this campaign decision is in no way, shape, or form Renee’s fault. In fact, congratulations on landing this campaign Renee, you look exactly the same as you do in real life – HOT! Renee is truly an admirable bombshell, so we decided to ask her some fitness tips, beauty secrets, and bikini recommendations because guess what? This intelligent hottie has great advice for girls around the world. Let’s just hope the internet hate surrounding the Protein World campaign stops soon, because bullying someone for being born with good genes is just… silly.


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What Aussie bikini brand should every USA girl look for? 

My favorite Aussie swimwear line is Triangl Swim, I absolutely love their designs! It’s an iconic Aussie swimwear brand that you will definitely catch me wearing at the beach or by the pool.

Tips to keeping your skin healthy from all the sunshine?

The number one thing you can do for your skin is drink plenty of water. I swear by it, dehydration really shows on the outside. I also ensure to always use a good moisturizer and apply an SPF before spending the day out in the sun. Salt water is my secret to having healthy skin all year round. The number of benefits salt water has is truly endless – my favorite being its healing abilities for the skin.

What is your favorite beach time makeup routine?

I prefer wearing no makeup to the beach and letting the salt, sun and sand soak in and work its magic. If you really must wear some, I would suggest a long wearing liner, waterproof mascara and cheek/lip tint to take you straight from the beach to the bar.

Recommendations for hair saviors from the ocean or pools that all our Galore Girls will be swimming in this summer?

Applying coconut oil is the trick! If you apply some organic cold pressed coconut oil to your hair, especially your ends, this will help to lock in moisture, not to mention the many other benefits coconut oil has for your hair and skin.

What’s the best body bronzer a girl could buy?

The best body bronzer a girl could buy would have to be Bondi Sands, I swear by it. It’s another iconic Aussie brand and I just love the gradual tanning moisturizer. It’s my favorite product from their line. I have never really had a favorite body bronzer until I came across Bondi Sands!

Your favorite detox for bikini season?

I try my best to keep healthy all year round, but if I do feel I’m in need of a detox, I like to consume as many in-season summer fruits as possible – adding fruit to smoothies as well as cold pressed juicing. And I am a huge fan of coconut water. I try to fill my body with what nature intended and avoid any processed foods.

Do you have any on the beach workouts you love?

The beach is my favorite place to work out. You will rarely find me in a gym as I have a greater sense of well-being exercising outdoors. I love doing long distance beach walks, as the sand tones your legs and butt, followed by a swim in the ocean. It’s so refreshing!

What trend should every girl try out now that the weather is warm?

I love mirrored aviators, ripped denim shorts and a good loose fitting maxi dress. That’s the best warm weather look.


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Beach Riot x Galore Bombshell Tee


Beach Bunny Bahama Mama Bikini


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