Remix Your Streetwear With Lila Adona’s Tokyo Style Tips

Lila Adona is our new favorite singer from Tokyo. Not only does she make fun music, but she’s figured out the perfect way to combine streetwear with high end clothing. We decided to check in with her about her favorite shopping spots, her favorite fashion item right now and even more style secrets. Check it out below!

Do people constantly comment on your amazing fashion sense?

I guess there are times when I go out (which is rare), where I’ve been greeted with sweet comments about my looks. But to be honest, I’ve never considered myself as being fashionable [LAUGHS]. Nervousness usually gets to me and I just freeze up, not knowing how to react. However, I feel like as I’ve grown as a singer I’ve started to feel more confident in trying different looks. I’ve just started to create a look that represents me, and it’s getting more and more fun to play around with fashion ideas!

Can you name a few stores you shop at frequently?

I’m usually around Harajuku/Aoyama in Tokyo, and I usually go to vintage shops around the area. Opening Ceremony in Omotesando is one of my favorite stores! Recently they opened Versus Versace in Aoyama, I went to their opening party and then boom–I’m Hooked!

What words would you say describes your style?

High end street, but my main focus is to remain classy while keeping my roots in streetwear aesthetics.

What’s your favorite fashion item right now?

My gold vintage Jean Paul Gaultier sunglasses that I got in LA!





Photography by Maya Kibbel

Listen to Lila Adona HERE

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