Easy Remedies To Cure That SOB Hangover


It was my 34th birthday a few nights ago and I was lucky enough to spend it in Hawaii, watching the sunset, with good friends, good food, but way too many cocktails. It inspired me to investigate (even though I’ve been partaking in drinking for almost two decades now) which remedies really cure the age old problem of hangovers.

Seeing that the winter is now behind us, and it’s patio-festival-park-beach-concert season, here is what I’ve come up with to help you keep your groove on without the burden of being stranded in bed the next day.

Lemon Water 

I drink this religiously as it is more exciting than just water but refreshing and supports natural detoxification. This simple and clean remedy boosts liver function and tissue regeneration. Simple, easy and effective.

Coconut Water 

This stuff is delicious and packed with electrolytes to help you hydrate.

Tomato Juice 

No, not a bloody mary. Although the hair of the dog isn’t such a bad idea either. Tomato juice can boost liver function, help to replenish vitamins, as well as speed up your digestion of alcohol. Virgin or not, this drink should do the trick!

Green Tea

Another highly beneficial beverage, green tea is a great antioxidant, which protects the liver against alcohol consumption. The healthier the liver, the quicker the recovery.


Just like when we were kids and drank ginger ale for an upset tummy, ginger has the properties to cure nausea. Ginger can be grated into your salad, boiled fresh for hot tea, or chewed (if you can take it’s potency).


Proteins help balance your blood sugar. Without sufficient protein, your liver cannot properly detoxify. If you’re not up for meat or fish, try a protein smoothie packed with greens, berries, almond butter, and flaxseed.


Not always the first thing on my mind when considering my drinking consumption, but it could make a huge difference in recovery as compounds found in this vegetable help break down the alcohol and support the exit of toxins from your system.


This superfood contains high levels of potassium which aid in the body’s depletion of electrolytes. Have it plain, in some granola, or throw it in a smoothie for something simple and easy on your stomach.


Honey is a miracle food and in this case – helps heal headaches. The fructose that honey contains competes with the alcohol and can force your body to cleanse itself of any remaining “booze”. Have a spoonful or throw some in a hot cup of your favorite tea.


While many of these other remedies help to detoxify, the spiciness of peppers can heat you up which causes you to sweat out the toxins.

Bath House

This is my remedy for many things. Sore muscles, aches and pains, and definitely, hangovers. Just like spicy food, you can sweat out toxins by sitting in a steam or sauna. Get to the gym and do some cardio for the same effects if you have energy, but if you’re having a rough go, sit, relax and let yourself just unwind.


Grease always seems to help when you’re hungover. But one of the reasons you crave eggs, toast, bacon and hash browns in the morning is because of the magic of this breakfast after a long night. Eggs are rich in amino acid cysteine which helps to break down the toxin responsible for hangovers.

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