Relationship Red Flags We Tend To Overlook


Love is blind. Color blind actually. Because you usually miss all the red flags telling you your relationship is doomed. And it’s not like we’re too dumb to see them or too happy. You can be content or whatever about your partnership, but still not see sh*t.

Here are a few red flags that you’re probably not going to be forever with this person and it’s about time you put up your white flag.

1. You Start To Hate The Person You Are

If you have to pretend to be someone you’re not in order to please them, well f*ck them. Maybe there are certain things you do that they can’t stand. But you shouldn’t have to change who you are for someone and if you start to hate the person you become around them, then he’s not worth it.

2. You Make Them A Last Priority

Oh, your twice removed cousin who is now dating your best friend’s sister texts you to see if you want to get a cup of coffee? Oh, wait but your boyfriend made plans for the two of you to see a movie the same night? Coffee it is!

If you start to pick other plans or make excuses to see him less, then something is definitely off. You should be running into his arms, not squirming your way out.


3. Ultimatums vs. Compromises

“If you can’t make it to the restaurant for dinner then we can pick something closer by your house babe!”

“If you don’t come to dinner tonight then I’m going to seriously re-think our relationship.”

Right, the second response seems a little crazy, but it has happened to me. So, there’s that. But if compromises are out the window and everything starts to become an ultimatum then it’s probably time for you to ditch the ultimatums and him. And his anxiety.

4. Friends/Family Don’t Like Them

As much as you probably want to fight this one, if the people close to you, who have know you longer than your significant other has, don’t think that person is suitable for you, chances are they aren’t. Or if he hates them that’s an even bigger red flag.

5. Brings Up Old Issues

If you’re in an argument and he wants to bring up an old one for the hell of it, no.

6. There’s No Use In Fighting For The Relationship

Ultimately, your relationship is going to fail. But you know it’s really over when you don’t even have the energy to fight for it. It becomes so stressful and toxic that in the end, what’s the point of holding on to it? A simple hang up mid-sentence is sufficient enough.

Moving on.

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