Why Being A Low Maintenance Girlfriend Doesn’t Work

Not every woman expects the same things from guys. Some of us girls don’t mind the simple things in life. But, being too low maintenance can cause you to get the short end of the stick. I’ve been there and it’s annoying af. The problem is though, is finding the median of being a complete spoiled brat and not asking for too much. How? You must train people how to treat you.

I remember one time my ex mentioned that I was pretty low maintenance (besides my old MySpace url “high maintenance queen”). It kind of puzzled me but I realized he was right. I didn’t bother him to buy me gifts, take me out or do “special things”. We chilled at his house, went to parties at his friends and he spent little money ever on me. Because in my mind, he didn’t have to buy me things all the time and surprise me with things I liked to do. But looking back, that would have been nice. I tried to be a “chill girl,” but when he didn’t try to make Valentines or Christmas or even our anniversary special, it hurt. Maybe because I didn’t seem like the type of girl who cared, but I really did.

I see this as a theme in a few of my relationships or even flings. Personally, I am very frugal – I make the best out of things and am creative enough to make it work. Whether it’s living in a shitty apartment or driving a shitty car, I can make it work. If I have a man who gives me less than what I deserve (when it comes to feeling special), I can make it work.

I feel that it is true that you train people how to treat you. Going with the flow once means that you end up going with the flow every time after that. And that’s not cool. At least not anymore. I don’t exactly need to be spoiled but I want romance, something special, something memorable. Is that too much to ask for? I don’t think so.

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