6 Things To Consider Before Entering A Relationship

I promise I’m not a complete cynic, I believe in love and all that jazz, I swear! I just don’t believe that you should enter a relationship with every dude that takes you out to Olive Garden for unlimited breadsticks or compliments you on your sequined Uggs.

I can honestly say that for the majority of the time, I’m completely content and happy being single. After all, I’d rather be alone than with someone who I don’t truly care about. But what about those nights where you’re stuck in your apartment super lonely? Or wishing you had somebody to take care of you when you’re sick? On those rare moments, I remember these things about relationships that kind of blow:


1. You Have To Answer To Somebody

Remember when you were in high school and you hit the blunt too hard, passed out, and had to make up some elaborate story as to why you didn’t answer your mom’s call? Dating somebody is kinda like going back to that. Sure, for a while it’s nice to have somebody that actually gives a shit if you got home safe from the club at 4 am, but after a while it just starts to get annoying as f***.

2. If You’ve Got a Lot of Dude Friends, You’re F***ed

If you’re a chick with a lot of dude friends, or are just a natural flirt- you might need to change your lifestyle. Boys get jealous just as much as chicks do, and although you might love your weekly chill-sesh with your five best guy friends, your boyfriend knows that they all probably want to f*** you and are just waiting for the right moment- sorry.

3. Your Friends Will Secretly Judge You 

As much as your girls might pretend that they’re happy for you, they’re probably secretly talking shit about how you always ditch them for your dude and don’t turn up quite as hard. Being in a relationship when all your friends are single can be rough. They don’t mean to be so harsh, but it’s hard to see your friend transfer from the table-dancing animal to a wifey type just because one dude gave her some good D.

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4. It Can Take Over Your Life

There’s never a good time to have a fight, but you inevitably will still have them. When looking back on past relationships, some of my worst memories involve fights blowing up right before I had to leave for work, or in front of an audience that you really didn’t need to be watching. Your life is already probably pretty f***ing crazy, and when you make another person a part of it you’re inevitably going to add even more stress.

5. Jealousy Isn’t a Good Look On You

Or anyone… As someone who really doesn’t get too jealous, when I do, it f***ing sucks. With social media taking over everyone’s lives, it’s no fun spending your time wondering if the bitch who keeps commenting on your boo’s Instagram is an ex flame or a random stalker.

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6. You Subconsciously Make Decisions Based On Them 

Even if you’re a self-proclaimed free spirit that ain’t gonna let no man hold her down, sometimes you still do. Scoring your dream job in Paris is a lot more bittersweet when you’re currently in love with someone who lives in Detroit. At such a crucial time in your life, you really shouldn’t be making decisions based on a current boyfriend who you probably won’t remember in four years.



That being said, a relationship with the right person can be the most amazing thing in the world. I’m not one to buy into that “soulmate” shit, but sometimes you just find someone that gets you. When you find that person, you should 100% enjoy it.

Simply put, there are benefits to being single as well as being taken. Don’t get into a relationship for the wrong reasons and remember that you have to love yourself before you can love anybody else.

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