Redhead Beauty Problems Solved Thanks To These Genius Sisters

Galore is all about diversity in the fashion and beauty industry: color, shape, size, and gender. One group that’s gotten screwed by the offerings at even the most bountiful Sephora? Redheads. 

There’s a less than 2 percent chance of coming across a natural redhead, and when vibrant haired ladies and gents visit the makeup counter, they have about that same chance of finding a product that works for them. No sunscreen is strong enough for freckled porcelain skin. No brow gel matches strawberry blonde, no mascara compliments light lashes. The list goes on and on…

All those complaints were true until sister redheads Adrienne and Stephanie Vendetti stepped into the game and created a red-head friendly beauty site. Their mission with the How To Be A Redhead project: “We wanted to create a place where redheads could go to feel confident.” Adrienne said. “To let them embrace who they are, and feel beautiful,” Stephanie chimed in. Overall, to teach girls how to Rock It Like A Redhead,” which is their personal favorite saying. 


You can rock it like a redhead, even if you’re red by choice, or if you don’t have auburn locks at all (allegedly, Stephanie once had blonde hair). “Something we hear a lot from our girls is ‘We have to go on your site to get confidence before we go to school,'” they said. “It’s because of the bullies; if someone comes up to you and says ‘your hair is so ugly,’ say back to them ‘my hair is awesome! I love my hair’and the bully will have nothing else to say.” All you need is confidence. “Even if you’re faking it, eventually you’ll fake it till you make it!” Adrienne added.

Let’s be honest, looking good isn’t the key to self-confidence, but it sure can help when you’re delivering the comeback you thought out in the shower to a d-bag.

So redheads rejoice, it’s time to primp.

“If your hair is fading, use a color depositing shampoo. It naturally deposits color to the hair so you can touch up without dye.”- A

“Enhance your freckles instead of covering them by using CC and BB creams, light foundation and powders. A little goes a long way.” -S

“Even if SPF is in your makeup, you still want to apply sunscreen first, because there’s not a whole lot of SPF in the actual makeup, no matter what the label says!” -S

Do so with the products on How To Be A Redhead. “We always recommend that redheads go as natural as possible. For hair, we love sulfate free shampoos and conditioners. Our go-to is is Devine’s. The have an amazing red line that makes red hair pop. So does Pureology.”

The Vendettis have created their own go-to for eyebrow gel. “Billion Dollar Brows in Beverly Hills has a great brow gel called Hint Of Tint, but they only had a shade for blondes and brunettes. We teamed up with them to create a shade for redheads. The magic of this is it has aloe vera, which minimizes the amount of products you need to carry in your makeup bag. Whenever we apply it on our ladies, they just say “Wow.’”-S

“We are obsessed with mascara. I have the blondest, most transparent lashes in the world. If you love your blonde lashes, rock them! But we also have a cool trick where we put black mascara on the top and brown on the bottom to add depth.”-A

“If you have one lipstick to turn to, it should be a red with blue undertones. It looks good on every redhead with every shade, warm toned or cool toned, it’s guaranteed to look good. It brightens your hair and makes it pop. This morning I used Heatwave by NARs. It’s great for the summer and it enhances your fair skin and red hair.”-S

Every single product has passed a redhead-friendly approval process and has been tested by the sisters or one of their redheaded pals. “We’re always looking for things that look glamorous and beautiful and give results.”

What’s next for the beauty (life?) gurus? After our interview they were headed to turn in the first copy of their book….

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Photos by Kari Devereaux

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