You Can Fake Curves In A Bikini, Even If You’re Curveless

The race to swim season continues with more bikini do’s and don’ts, this time from swimsuit industry veteran Red Carter, the brain behind Red Carter Swim. And according to Red, the deadliest bikini sin is droopy bottoms (can’t really argue with that one). But even better than the don’ts are the out of this world tips for faking the body of your dreams in a swim suit. You don’t have to have naturally big boobs to look like you do in a monokini. Find out the other best swimmers to flatter your body with these tips.


Honestly, what is an occasion to wear a long sleeve swim suit?

Protection from the sun is a major concern these days, whether paddle boarding or surfing, a one-piece long sleeve rash guard can protect you from harsh weather conditions. Who needs sun screen?

How is the Red Carter brand different from other bikini labels? What makes you better?

Fabric, fit, and fashion are the three performance qualities that make the Red Carter bikini stand out from all the rest. Our prints and patterns are originals and the strategic placement of the prints really accentuates all the right body parts. What truly makes the Red Carter brand special is the people who wear it, my customers demand to stand out and feel great about themselves.

Are there any styles of bikinis that aren’t flattering Galore Girls should avoid?

I HATE droopy bottoms!  There is nothing like feeling the sand drag your pants around your ankles.  I always look for clean sexy cuts that show off your ASSets. The best part of the Red Carter collection is the ability to purchase separates, that way if your bust is big and your bottom is tiny, you can mix and match the suit to fit your curves.

What are the 3 cutest bikini trends for spring?

I love tie dye placement prints, Palm Springs desert graphics, and geometrics mixed with black and white patterns. Also, strappy tops and bottoms and one-piece cut outs are really hot!

What swimsuit gives you curves when you have none?

The monokini is an instant curve maker, it elongates your torso, hides the midriff and flatters the hips.








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