Rebel, Rebel: Designer Danielle Guizio On Giving Voice To Youth Subculture

Danielle Guizio‘s online shop looks like mall-raid dreamed up by Miley Cyrus and the kids of Tumblr. Guizio giggles at her ironic wares, but one thing’s for sure: You could never wear any of this to lunch with your grandmother. Her shop is filled with basic tees, duffles, and hats printed with phrases like “Daddy,” “Pervert,” and even a thong that claims “Jesus Is Watching.” The pieces reflect our internet-obsessed generation’s sense of shock value humor. It’s as if simply flashing a middle finger wasn’t enough, so Guizio created a clothing line to say “Eff You” to every politically correct adult she comes into contact with. Obviously, we’re obsessed.

Stephanie Janetos: Tell us a little about how you developed your rebellious, ironic aesthetic.

Danielle Guizio: My personality comes across in a lot of my work. A lot of my designs are things I think of in my head and giggle at. I get a moment of “Okay, let’s whip this up and see how it looks.”

SJ: What’s the first piece you designed?

DG: My first piece was the “Daddy Luvs Me” tee. At the time, all that my vocabulary consisted of was “Yessss Daddy” or “Daddy.” It sounded kind of creepy, but that was the original intent. Myself and one of my best friends, Kelly Shami, who is a graphic designer, were like, “We gotta make a ‘Daddy’ tee.” It’s one of those lightbulb moments that cracked us up and had us scuttling to our computers to start designing.

SJ: What’s your favorite piece you designed?

DG: That is a hard question. I create things that I personally want to wear. I really love my new embroidered ringer tees. They make every girl look so ‘effing cute and playful. Another one is a new inside-out sweatshirt I designed for fall with half-quarter sleeves, and “The Youth Of America” printed on the chest. Today’s youth culture is really important to me. More than any generation in recent history, ours has an opportunity to make an impact on society with trends, fresh ideas, and creativity.

SJ: What’s your favorite way to get rebellious with clothing?

DG: I cut up a lot of my stuff. I’ll get a soft new shirt and cut the seams off to make it look more worn or vintagey, or just rip it with my hands. Even if it comes out like $hit, I’m like “Oops, I f*cked that up,” and put it on anyways.

SJ: Best attitude to pair with Danielle Guizio apparel?

DG: An “I really could care less about your opinion” attitude. A fun, silly, rebellious attitude.

SJ: What’s the quintessential Guizio outfit?

DG: I usually look like the gothic teenager who is angry at the world in all black or all white.

SJ: What’s next for your brand?

DG: I’ve come to realize that none of us really know what tomorrow will bring. Hard work, consistency, and dedication are definitely the recipe for a successful future. I always say, your company is like a plant: You have to water it each day in order for it to grow and bloom.

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