5 Reasons You Should Start Working Out With Your Boo

Fit is the new skinny these days, and although we try to make it to our BodyPump classes every Wednesday morning and even throw some protein powder in our daily smoothies, sometimes we fall a little short of our “fitness goals” (aka looking as hot as possible when naked). While there are multiple ways to get yourself where you want to be, I don’t know if there’s any better motivation then working out with a dude that’s easy on the eyes (or, your boyfriend, if you’re not eternally single like me).


1. He Knows His Way Around The Gym

You probably belong to some big-ass gym, but restrict yourself to the elliptical and free weights because those big machines on the second floor like they belong in Christian Grey’s red room, right? And even if you’re not intimidated by them, you don’t want to look like that idiot who’s using the machine wrong- especially not in front of the entire men’s soccer team. By working out with a guy who already knows his way around the gym, it won’t seem so scary. Besides, maybe you can transfer this whole student-teacher situation into the bedroom later.

2. You’ll Work Harder To Impress Him

Why do we like going to work out classes? Because if everyone else is holding a 60 second plank and we go down after 30, we look lame. Unfortunately, when we work out alone we don’t feel too guilty if we skip out on that last mile because nobody knows except us. Working out with your man will make you want to work harder because you’ll want to show him that despite the fact that the only workout clothes you own are from Victoria’s Secret, you’ve still got skills!

3. You Can Shower Together After

The combination of having your dude play teacher/trainer in the gym while watching him get all sweaty will probably make you want to get a second workout in after the gym… What better way then to save water and take a nice shower together?

4. He’ll Make You Have a Schedule

You know those times when you say you’ll go to the gym in an hour, but you end up going through a whole season of Empire instead? If you have to schedule your gym time to coordinate with your dude, you won’t be able to “accidentally” miss out on your gym time for the day.

5. You Can Be The Hottest Couple, Like, Ever

What’s better than looking hot as f*** in your bikini this summer? Having a guy next to you with a body to make Channing Tatum run for his money. By both making fitness part of your relationship, you guys can have a whole new slew of activities to do; from whipping up healthy recipes together or trying new fitness classes. Couples who gym together, stay together.

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