Reasons Why We’re Really Nervous For Music In 2015

Guys, the music guiding us into 2015 is pretty terrible and we’re starting to get worried. Yes it’s early and a bit hasty to make any solid conclusions but we desperately need someone to bring us the first song of hope for the new year. Something inventive, catchy, refreshing and nothing like these new songs…

by: Shannon Kurlander


Kanye West & Paul McCartney “Only One”
This track has been described as a “poignant tearjerker” but we just can’t get past the forced sentimentality voiced through painful autotune. Props to Yeezy for taking a thoughtful new route but this sound has to stop…please.

N.E.R.D. “Squeeze Me”
Not exactly the N.E.R.D. reunion you were anxiously anticipating…Yes it’s for a children’s audience but it’s even more obnoxious than “Happy”.

Usher ft. Migos “I Still Got It”
Usher takes a harder hip-hop edge for his new party track and it’s not the worst thing we have ever heard but why is his voice completely autotuned? This song ruins the reason we listen to Usher; his sexy smooth-like-honey voice. Also it’s hard to think of Usher as anything close to thug…sorry bae.

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