You Should Really F*** a Thug

How can you really know what you’re into if you haven’t tried everything? Maybe your type is preppy frat boys, or maybe it’s tattooed biker dudes, but getting into a hook-up rut is no fun. Isn’t it time for you to stop twerking in the club to Juicy J and find your own instead?


1. Girls Like to be F***ed by a Freak Every Now and Then (or all the time)

You’re lying if you say that you don’t get turned on by being pushed around during sex and being called dirty names. And if you haven’t tried it yet, I definitely recommend it.

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2. You Can Play Like Bonnie and Clyde

You know being bad gives you a little rush, doesn’t it? When he asks to snort a line off of your booty or hide his weed in your titties, you can’t help but want to oblige.


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3. He’ll Scare Other Boys Away 

Ugh this is so much better than your last boo, the skinny hipster who borrowed your jeans, if you’re f***ing a thug- he’s mastered the “don’t f*** with me” look, not to mention you’re pretty sure he has a weapon on him at all times…

4. You Can Jam Out To Gangster Rap With No Shame

Remember those times you wanted to blast Yung Jeezy with the windows down but then you remembered you were a little white girl? Yeah… if your new boo does it, it’s totally okay if you’re in the passenger seat.


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