8 Reasons Why You Date A Guy You Don’t Really Like That Much


You’re sitting around with your girlfriends having a few glasses of wine, or whiskey if you’re really feeling it, and the subject of ex’s arises. You know, that part after a bottle or so when you start to recall and joke about the men of your past. The men you dated who sure, they were nice and all, but the didn’t match your style at all.

Why did you ever date them in the first place? We’ve got a list of reasons why.

1. You’ll Have An Epic Story

Okay, maybe not epic, but one day you’ll be able to share the story of you and him and it’ll be funny and heartwarming, almost like a Kate Hudson movie.

2. You Have A Date On National Holidays

Birthday parties, engagement parties, New Year’s Eve, etc. You don’t have to show up solo-dolo and your parent aren’t worried you’re going to die alone. (but at least if you do your family can save money and just wear your all black wardrobe- so you’re welcome mom and dad)

3. He’s Super Nice

I once went on a few dates with a guy who I actually couldn’t stand and found repulsive, but he was super sweet to me so that has to mean something right? The nice part?

4. You’re Not Going To Marry Them So, Whatever

Maybe your parents hate him, friends think he’s weird, but he’s good in bed so why not roll with it for a bit? Literally though.

5. You Know You’re Hotter So You Don’t Worry About Him Cheating

Dating a man who, even if you know is a little more attractive than you, is overwhelming and intimidating sometimes. You’re constantly on the watch for the next girl who might try to steal him away. But if he’s like, eh, somewhat cute, not terrible, then no sweat!

6. They’re Really Hot

But probably dumb as sh*t. It doesn’t bother you that you two can’t really converse, he’s pretty to look at and great for a photo opp.

7. You’re Bored

He’s a dude, you’re a girl, work sucks and you don’t really have anything going on. Except for your sweatpants after work. Unless you’re Eva Mendes.

8. You Don’t Want To Be Alone

You need a distraction and someone to keep you company. Even if he can be annoying at times, hey he’s still there if you call him up to chat.

9. You’re Probably A Little Depressed

Lana is blasting all the time. You feel like sh*t and this guy makes you feel like you have worth and are beautiful. Alright, I’ll f*ck with it for a  bit.


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