Reasons Why You Should Actually #LeftSwipeDat

Truth always seems to come up with creative and relevant ads to convince people to stop smoking. This years campaign is #LeftSwipeDat, proclaiming that you get double the matches if you’re not smoking in your profile pictures. While I applaud the relevance in their reference to dating apps, I can’t say that seeing a guy smoking will actually deter me from swiping right (sorry, some guys just look too sexy with a cigarette dangling from their lips). However, through my experience with dating apps, I have devised my own list of reasons why you should #leftswipedat.

1. The mirror pic


Sometimes this is pretty painful, I’ve seen some GREAT bodies on tinder. But can’t you get your mom to take a picture of you on your next vacation instead of taking a mirror pic? Something about a dude taking a selfie just screams desperate and/or douchebag.

2. The bro-fest


Do you not have any solo pictures? Sorry, but I’m not that lonely that I’m willing to swipe right on the off chance that you’re the one cute guy in the corner of your first pic. And I’m not really looking for some sort of orgy situation with your frat bros. Next.

3. The arm-candy


Contrary to popular belief, having a slew of photos with hot girls does not actually make you more desirable to another girl. It just makes us wonder how many bottles you had to buy at the club to make those Jen Selter look-a-likes notice you. And even if you are sexy, what girl wants a dude who clearly is surrounded by chicks at all times?

4. The “Mr.Cool”
Wow, great Ray-Bans! Awesome shot of you on stage at a concert from the crowd! Only one catch…we can barely see your face! What are you hiding under there, Shrek? They say the eyes are the window to the soul…and they’re also a make or break on whether you’re sexy or not.

5. The Shape-Shifter

Well…out of five pictures only one is actually a human, weird. If I wanted to date a chocolate bar, a sports team logo, or a meme of a funny cat, I wouldn’t be on Tinder, would I?

6. The “Props”


STOP HOLDING BABIES AND PUPPIES! First off, I hope to god that’s not your kid. Second, I don’t even f***ing like dogs. Either you’re hot, or you’re not. Real hotties don’t need props to make them look good.

7. The Manly Man


I can’t lie, I like a boy that’s rugged and rough around the edges. However, I don’t really need a picture of you with a dead animal or a gun to prove that…that’s actually kind of frightening….

8. The Party Boy


Congrats, you drink! So do the majority of American young adults and humans in general! No chick is going to think you’re any cooler for completing a keg stand or a beer bong, take a seat.

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