Real Life Dudes Tell Us Why Boys Send Unsolicited Dick Pics


If you’re a young woman, chances are at some point in your life you’ve been quietly minding your own business–maybe waiting for a doctor’s appointment, or maybe laying down by yourself about to go to sleep at night when your phone has lit up signaling a notification–your interest may peak about whose contacting you and why? Is it your boss giving you that raise you’ve been nervously gunning for? Your friend telling you about some dope new music to check out? Reaching into your bag, you pull out your phone only to discover that you’ve been hit with a UDP–otherwise known as an unsolicited dick pic.

Despite the fact that at no point in time you expressed any interest whatsoever in having a picture of this straight boy’s dick, it’s landed in your inbox and you’re stuck wondering intently, “Why did this happen? How did I get to this place?”  To find out why boys love sending you boner pics despite widespread and vocal disgust from women everywhere we spoke to 9 REAL DUDES about why men get the urge to UDP you.

Unsolicited Dick Pic Texting

1. “Maybe they think it turns people on”–Boyfriend, 25 years old.

2. “I’m out of the loop on dick pics. I just show girls my dick when I’m actually with them.” — Co-Worker, 37 years old.

3. “My guess is that sticking things (or images of those things) where they don’t belong feels like a small conquest. I wouldn’t know. I’ve never sent a single dick pic. Mainly because no one has ever asked me for one. Endgame seems to be to feel like a big man. Even sex seems to be to this end for some.” — Long time friend, 29 Years old. 

4. “Cause their fucked in the head. They have some weird repressed sexual issues. Never in my life have I been like what’s up how are you here’s my dick. ” — Co-Worker, 34 years old. 

5. “I don’t know? Cause they’re asking for for approval? I’ve never sent one” — Friend I had sex with once upon a time, 23 years old. 

6. “You should never buy a car without test driving it… Some guys want to give incentive to get that test drive so to speak…” — Some random dude who I didn’t recognize on facebook, age unknown.

7. “Symptoms of dehydration can be dizziness and confusion. The thirst is oh so real…”– High School friend, 24 years old. 

8. “They think it’s going to turn them on, I guess. Like it will get them horny and it will and it will then result in a replied nude. But of course it never works. They’re stupid enough to try though.” — Friend’s former hook up buddy, 22 years old.

And perhaps the most insightful:

9. “Cause it’s fun… duh like ‘ha!! look at mah dick!'” — Another facebook rando who I promptly deleted, 35 years old. 

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