Surprise: Lisa & Kim Continue Their Ridiculous RHOBH Battle

Galore Mag Lisa Rinna

Kim Richards and Lisa Rinna have been feuding all season long on The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills. Their battle might be one of my all time favorites in the history of reality TV. Why? Because Kim is clinically insane and it’s like watching a grown woman (Rinna) try to make logical sense to a brick wall. But while there were signs that these two put their issues aside, last night’s Season 5 finale said absolutely otherwise. Kyle had a heart to heart with her big sis and exposed that Brandy had been talking to Kim’s mortal enemy of her sobriety. YIKES! Just as we all suspected, Kim made zero sense in her response. How? The bitch went straight to Lisa to confront the issue instead of talking to her bestie boo Brandy. The result? There is none, as always. Brandy got off the hook, Lisa Rinna took back her comments, Kyle got blamed for everything and Eileen made perfect sense. I think… I can’t take it anymore. Whatever Yolanda thinks, I think LMAO. 

Galore Mag Kim Richards

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