R&B Babe Vanessa Elisha Shares New Music And A Kickass Playlist

Vanessa Elisha blew up last month when the blogs got ahold of her single, “Down For This.” She made her way to number two on the Billboard Emerging charts. Her collaborations with XXYYXX for “Unknown,” J.Louis’ (Soulection) “Ocean,” and Salute’s “Real Cool” have given this rising R&B star an overwhelming amount of attention and support. Now she’s back with a new song, a #GirlBoss attitude, and more of that seductively smooth voice.

With all the excitement surrounding her new single, Elisha can’t forget how she got to where she is today. Growing up as a shy girl, Elisha would write and sing songs, but always keep them to herself. Eventually, she released a recording on Soundcloud, “I got the courage to show a song to my brother and his friend one day and they encouraged me to put it up on the internet. I did, and I haven’t stopped creating since.” It’s always been a family business for Elisha and her bro. “My brother and I have been working towards our music dream since we were tiny humans,” she said. They worked together on Elisha’s newest release, Latency, proving that persistence towards a goal is all you need. “I was on a path in life that really wasn’t my own. I was encouraged strongly to go to university, get a degree and go work in a job that I hated. I decided one day that I was going to drop all of that and pursue music 100% and I’ve never been happier,” she said. The decision to drop everything else and fully pursue her musical ambitions even inspired this newest song. “That’s what goes to the core of the song, and the lyrics ‘don’t wait, until its all gone,’ I don’t ever want to look back at my life and regret the fact that I never did what I wanted to do.”

If you can’t wait to see what Elisha has in store for us next, you can keep on her R&B vibe with the extra-special, exclusive playlist she put together just for Galore. Skip the headphones and blast these tunes as loud as your speakers allow.

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