This Rave Party Will Work You Out Before You Even Start Your Day


If you ever wondered if raving could be used for fitness purposes, we’ve got you covered. DAYBREAKER is an early morning dance rave of fitness and “a little bit of mischief” according to its creators. There’s no alcohol, no drugs, just tea, coffee, bright lights, and a shit-load of dancing. Like – dancing so hard you don’t have to work out for the rest of the weekend (or feel bad about eating a hundred pieces of chocolate cake.

Not to mention, every morning they book amazing DJs to spin soundtracks so you can’t help get your heart rate poppin. If there’s one thing that can get me up early, its definitely sick beats. This weekend, DAYBREAKER is coming back to LA, so Westside girls, book your tickets now and get your cutest workout/dance outfit ready!

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